Guardian Angel Driving School Registration

Guardian Angel Driving School
During COVID-19, we are now set up from ZOOM classes. I teach a live 8 hour course, while you connect with me in your home. You can use a computer, phone or tablet. We also have a large room set up for a small amount of people who cannot use a computer. The location is at the Virginia Highlands Airport at 18521 Lee Hwy, Abingdon, VA 24210. The seating is 6 to 8 feet apart.

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After you Register and take the Driving Course, you will take the Driving Test. (see menu above). You must pass that test at an 80% grade or higher.


We can mail you a Certificate for $5 that covers our costs, but having a Certificate is not mandatory.  The choice to get one or not is in the Registration form below.

Wait for this form to fully load.

If the Pay button “shakes” it means you have missed filling out one or more of the fields above (most likely a date). Scroll back up and check all fields and dates.

Some students are not following through the registration process completely after entering their card data.  Please be sure to click all buttons and follow all instructions to finish up your payment processing; otherwise, the order comes to us as incomplete and you will not be registered for class.